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Welcome, Intruder.

Hello all, I'm proud to announce S1REN OFFICIAL! Thank you all for letting me educate you and trusting me to teach you with the latest and greatest in the world of Cybersecurity, Pro-Active Testing, and Offensive Security Skillsets. It's my pleasure too announce that we have a Twitch stream which has been going very strong - now you can join along too!

Free education, academia, laid back discussions, 360-degrees Cyber talk all on Twitch.TV, YouTube, and Discord!


Check out the YouTube! Uploaded videos go here from our streams.

If you haven't heard by now and you've found my methodologies for Penetration Testing useful - head on over to: https://Twitch.TV/s1ren_official

Also, JOIN THE DISCORD! Join the S1REN OFFICIAL Family - it's free, through Twitch Subs for a few bucks never hurts. ⚡

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